In 1993, Beth was happily employed with a seven partner law firm. She had been experiencing much growth personally and corporately for years, but, then, unexpectedly, she began to sense a restlessness she had never experienced before. God had started to move in her heart. This restlessness continued for some while. She pressed in and sought the Lord with her whole heart. In 1995, after a few years of soul-searching, seeking God, and leaving the law firm, Beth started to work on staff for Campus Crusade with Josh McDowell and for Hearts of Love International with Rodney Love. She would later marry Rodney in 1997.

Through a number of mission trips to countries like Russia, God placed a call on Beth’s life to care for the orphans of the world. In God’s timing, Beth worked as the International Liaison at Hearts of Love, spending her time distributing aid to orphanages, children’s hospitals and boarding schools. It was in her mission to the Orphanages that God gave Beth the vision for a more efficient and helpful system to render aid and spread the Gospel in impoverished places.

Beth saw that the International Church could be the solution to the needs of Orphanages and Churches abroad. Instead of individuals sponsoring single or multiple children, maybe even families, the American Church could strengthen the international Church by sponsoring entire Orphanages and Churches. By doing this, Jesus would be clearly presented to Orphans and people in the community who were having their felt needs met by the local church. This solution provides the International Church with much needed physical support so that the way for the Gospel can be softened through meeting people’s felt needs.

Meeting these needs in local communities comes with a price-tag. From rice to diapers, every cost is built into a three-month package so as to meet the needs of these orphanages and communities. A mere $52,000 can fund a children’s home for a year. This breakdown of these costs is coming soon!